Slide ICCAD’24 8th International Conference
on Control, Automation
and Diagnosis
May 15-17, 2024, Paris-France

Call for Special Sessions

The main purpose of Special Sessions (6 papers) is to provide focused debates on new topics or innovative applications. Each researcher who wants to organize a Special Session must submit their proposal including the title of the session, a detailed description (see link below). Please contact us as soon as possible to provide assistance in organizing your special session. Your proposals must be sent by e-mail to ([email protected]) before December 15, 2023.

Special Session Template

Special Session 1: Advances, Applications and practical implementations of Robotic Control systems

Special Session 2: Opportunities for Predictive Maintenance for Urban and Advanced Air Mobility

Special Session 3: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent based Operation and Control of Renewable Energy Systems

Special Session 4: Remote lab system & Robotics

Special Session 5: Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy System

Special Session 6: Artificial Intelligence Applied to Mobility and Transportation in Smart Cities

Special Session 7: Automated Planning and Scheduling for Digitalized Industries

Special Session 8: Fault Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Sustainable Control of Renewable Energy Systems

Special Session 9: Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles (UAV-UGV) Swarm Formation: Mathematical Modelling and Control

Special Session 10: Wireless Communications, Vehicular Networks and IOT

Special Session 11: Application of Digital twin industrial infrastructure

Special Session 12: Recent Advances in Signal Processing

Special Session 13: Intelligent Systems and Optimization for Healthcare

Special Session 14: Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Conversion Systems Reliability

Special Session 15: RAdvances in Sustainable Transportation and Green Logistics

Special Session 16: Advanced Control Methods of Power Conversion Systems for Grid-integration and Transportation Systems

Special Session 17: Application of New Technologies, IoT and Artificial Intelligence for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture

Special Session 18: Unlocking Synergy: Exploring the Convergence of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Special Session 19: Metaheuristics and Parameter Optimization

Special Session 20: Advances and practical implementations of Artificial Intelligence on Prediction of Catastrophic Events

Special Session 21: EcoRevolution 5.0: Navigating Sustainable Industry and Supply Chain Transformation

Special Session 22: Visual Servoing in Robotics: Bridging Perception and Control

Special Session 23: Generative Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis: Challenges and Perspectives

Special Session 24: Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Photovoltaic Systems: Advancements and Applications

Special Session 25: Modern and AI-Based Diagnosis Methods for Automotive Applications

Special Session 26: Technological advances serving the eco-energy transition of Sub-Mediterranean cities

Special Session 27: Artificial Intelligence: Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare applications

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