Slide ICCAD’24 8th International Conference
on Control, Automation
and Diagnosis
May 15-17, 2024, Paris-France

Call For Paper

All papers must be written in English and should describe original work. The length of the paper is limited to a maximum of 6 pages (in the standard IEEE conference double column format).
Only full papers are accepted for submission. Papers will be refereed through a blind process for technical merit and content. To be eligible for publication in the Conference proceedings, an accepted paper must be presented at the Conference by one of the authors. You can send your work as a regular paper or send it to one of the accepted special sessions.

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Special Session 1: Advances, Applications and practical implementations of Robotic Control systems

Special Session 2: Opportunities for Predictive Maintenance for Urban and Advanced Air Mobility

Special Session 3: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligent based Operation and Control of Renewable Energy Systems

Special Session 4: Remote lab system & Robotics

Special Session 5: Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy System

Special Session 6: Artificial Intelligence Applied to Mobility and Transportation in Smart Cities

Special Session 7: Automated Planning and Scheduling for Digitalized Industries

Special Session 8: Fault Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Sustainable Control of Renewable Energy Systems

Special Session 9: Unmanned Aerial and Ground Vehicles (UAV-UGV) Swarm Formation: Mathematical Modelling and Control

Special Session 10: Wireless Communications, Vehicular Networks and IOT

Special Session 11: Application of Digital twin industrial infrastructure

Special Session 12: Recent Advances in Signal Processing

Special Session 13: Intelligent Systems and Optimization for Healthcare

Special Session 14: Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy Conversion Systems Reliability

Special Session 15: RAdvances in Sustainable Transportation and Green Logistics

Special Session 16: Advanced Control Methods of Power Conversion Systems for Grid-integration and Transportation Systems

Special Session 17: Application of New Technologies, IoT and Artificial Intelligence for Smart and Sustainable Agriculture

Special Session 18: Unlocking Synergy: Exploring the Convergence of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Special Session 19: Metaheuristics and Parameter Optimization

Special Session 20: Advances and practical implementations of Artificial Intelligence on Prediction of Catastrophic Events

Special Session 21: EcoRevolution 5.0: Navigating Sustainable Industry and Supply Chain Transformation

Special Session 22: Visual Servoing in Robotics: Bridging Perception and Control

Special Session 23: Generative Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis: Challenges and Perspectives

Special Session 24: Artificial Intelligence-Enhanced Photovoltaic Systems: Advancements and Applications

Special Session 25: Modern and AI-Based Diagnosis Methods for Automotive Applications

Special Session 26: Technological advances serving the eco-energy transition of Sub-Mediterranean cities


Authors are requested to provide a full paper of 6 pages maximum, according to the instructions provided within the following templates:

Latex Template
Microsoft Word Template

Post-conference publications

Registered and Presented papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore.
Authors of selected outstanding papers will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers for consideration of publication in the following journals:

Machines (ISI Thomson IF: 2.428, ISSN 2075-1702);
Computers in Industry (ISI Thomson IF: 2.850, ISSN 0166-3615);
Asian Journal of Control (ISI Thomson IF: 1.528, ISSN 1934-6093);
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica (ISI Thomson IF: 1.286, ISSN 1785-8860);
International Journal of System Dynamics Applications (Indexed Scopus, ISSN 2160-9772);
International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (Indexed Scopus, ISSN 1947-959X);
Information (Indexed Scopus, ISSN 2078-2489);
IgMin Research (Indexed Scopus, ISSN 2995-8067).

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